ICBS Designs and Installs Custom Equipment Solutions

ICBS designs, fabricates, and installs a variety of customized safety equipment including guardrails, roof hatch railings, catwalk systems, ladders, and ladder systems. All equipment is OSHA and ANSI compliant to ensure safer access for your building maintenance team.

Guardrails and
Roof Hatch Railings

  • Personnel Roof Hatch
  • Skylight Roof Hatch
  • Security Roof Hatch
Roof Hatch Railing

Roof Hatch Railings

Catwalk Systems

ICBS designs, fabricates and installs custom catwalks for difficult areas of commercial buildings to provide safer access and a more efficient working environment. All catwalk systems meet OSHA standards and can include railings, stairways, or other accessories.

Custom Catwalk

Interior Catwalks

Flood Gates

ICBS can custom design a floodgate for your property’s specific needs.

  • Permanent, passive flood control systems
  • Deploy automatically without people or power dependency
Custom Flood Gate

Flood Gates

Ladders & Ladder Systems

ICBS designs and installs custom ladder systems that meet strict OSHA and ANSI requirements and provide safe access to your building’s roof.

  • Roof Access Ladders
    • Cages for Fixed Access Ladders
    • Platforms for Fixed Access
  • Ships and Folding Ladders
  • 90° Fixed Ladders
Custom Spiral Staircase

Custom Ladders

Roof Access Ladder

Roof Access Ladders

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