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      New OSHA Building Compliance Requirements For 2017 and Beyond

      By August 21, 2017 No Comments
      Harken Safety Rail

      At the end of 2016 the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) issued new regulations on Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Safety. These regulations are intended to increase worker safety and limit the number of accidents associated with the use of stairs, ladders and other elevated work surfaces. The following is a list of the new regulations and when they go into effect:

      January 1st, 2017

      New regulation prohibits employers from using Rope descent systems (RDS) at heights greater than 300 feet above grade unless they demonstrate it is not feasible or creates a greater hazard to use any other system above that height. In addition, the final rule requires building owners to provide and employers to obtain information that permanent anchorages used with RDS have been inspected, tested, certified, and maintained as capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds per employee attached.

      May 17th, 2017

      Deadline for the requirement of employers to ensure workers who use personal fall protection and work in other specified high hazard situations are trained, and retrained as necessary, about fall and equipment hazards, including fall protection systems.

      November 17th, 2017

      Deadline for building owners to have all existing roof anchor systems used as tie-off points for rope descending systems inspected and certified

      November 18th, 2018
      • Installation of fall protection (personal fall arrest systems, ladder safety systems, cages, wells) on existing fixed ladders (over 24 feet) that do not have any fall protection
      • Installation of ladder safety or personal fall arrest systems on new fixed ladders (over 24 feet) and replacement ladders/ladder section

      November 2018-2036

      Phase in period for the installation of ladder safety systems or personal fall arrest systems on all fixed ladders (over 24 feet)

      ICBS specializes in custom design, installation, manufacturing, maintenance, and OSHA/ANSI certification of all components related to commercial building safety. We will work side by side with each company to assess the safety of your building’s working environment and individually tailor a plan to make sure everything is up to date with all required compliance regulations. Call today and schedule a free walk through evaluation of your commercial building’s safety equipment.